Mems platform, Taking R&D to product

Our aim is to develop MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) devices and sensors from design concept through prototyping, integration, testing, small-mid volume production services and customization for various researches and applications.

For customer-specific projects, we offer both off-the-shelf process modules and a fully integrated MEMS fabrication process and production capabilities serving a diverse range customer requirements. We experience in providing fabrication services to bring a proof-of-concept into a functional prototype and production ramp-up with a balance of development time, cost and quality. We are flexible for small batch sizes. Our reference projects include MEMS pressure sensors, Si Microphones, Speaker Array, gyroscope, Si wafer mold for microfluidic applications, mention only a few.

Our class 100, 1,000, and 10,000 clean rooms are equipped for the processing of 150mm substrates and more details in TMEC Cleanroom.

Design to the first prototype & beyond

In MEMS and sensor design and optimization, we use ANSYS® simulation package tounderstand, evaluate, and adjust design and operational factors to achieve optimal performances before tape-out and fabrication.

Our reference customer projects

  • • MEMS Pressure Sensors
  • • MEMS Si Microphones
  • • MEMS Speaker Array
  • • MEMS Gyroscope
  • • Si wafer mold for Microfluidic applications

MEMS Pressure Sensors

Our MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensors have developed with small size, high operating pressure range and good sensitivity to produce low-cost piezoresistive pressure sensors with large operating ranges for various applications. The sensors have been fully developed and fabricated in house using TMEC Cleanroom facilities and mature processing technology of CMOS/MEMS processes, in turn, cost-effective sensor fabrication opportunity.

Stress Detection

Failure Zone (Red)

R&d Product roadmap:

  • PSV 1:

    • • Die: 0.6x0.6x0.6 mm
    • • Operating pressure: 0-30 bar
    • • Sensitivity: 3.2 mV/bar
    • • Over pressure: 40 bar
    • • Nonlinearity:
  • PSV 2:

    • • Die: 0.6x0.6x0.6 mm
    • • Operating pressure: 0-30 bar
    • • Sensitivity: 2.5 mV/bar
    • • Over pressure: 60 bar
    • • Nonlinearity:
  • PSV 3:

    • • Die: 0.6x1.4x0.6 mm
    • • Operating pressure: 0-50 bar
    • • Sensitivity: 4.2 mV/bar
    • • Over pressure: 100 bar
    • • Nonlinearity:
  • PSV 4:

    • • Die: 0.6x1.4x0.6 mm
    • • Operating pressure: 0-100 bar
    • • Sensitivity: 3 mV/bar
    • • Over pressure: 250 bar
    • • Nonlinearity:
  • PSV 5:

    • • High sensitivity and linearity for low pressure
    • • Ultra-High sensitivity, low pressure range.

MEMS Laboratory & Facilities

Our reliability testing service offers mechanical testing environment especially designed for MEMs, sensor devices or small electronic compartments. Variety of vibration environments to support international standard such as MIL or IEC can be performed on LDS V406 Permanent magnet shaker. Fatigue test due to high pressure can be utilized up to 60 bar at maximum iteration rate of 5 Hz (300 RPM) by our custom made machine AMO-MC-01 and static pressure can be applied up to 300 bar on Kyowa 300NDX tester. In addition we can provide heat cycling test up to 300 °C on programable PID control custom made oven. These give possibility to acquire lifetime or warranty period of target devices.


  • • Automatic and manual probe station
  • • Test station (Pressure)

Reliability test

  • • LDS permanent magnet shaker set V406
  • • High pressure dynamic tester: AMO-MC-01 custom made machine
  • • Static high pressure tester (up to 300 bar): Kyowa 300NDX
  • • Heat cycle test

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